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We are proud to be a GANA Certified Blue Ribbon Breeder.

What you should know about Goldendoodles and breeders.

An interview with Margaret Earl, CPT, on how to select a reputable breeder, specifically Doodles.

GANA 20201

Personality Matching

Based on the APET Puppy Aptitude Test, we help you find the best match by recommending puppies based upon temperament tests performed at 7 weeks of age.

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Two Year Health Warranty

With fully health tested parents, we guarantee the health of your puppy along with giving you valuable information in preparing your family and home, a puppy starter kit, educational information for raising your puppy, and more!

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Puppy Culture

We lay the foundation for a lifetime of emotional stability and learning by using Puppy Culture. From early neurological stimulation to problem solving to socialization - we maximize the potential of our puppies using the optimal methods available.

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The best way to show us you're interested in a Gertie Goldendoodle is to fill out the Puppy Application. It takes just a few minutes to complete, and you'll hear back from us within a week or so!

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With a Puppy from Gertie's Goldendoodles, you're not getting an average puppy from any random litter. We strive to be a trusted, reputable provider of Goldendoodle puppies so you can feel secure with adopting a puppy from us.

We go all out to prepare our litters to be healthy, confident, and social puppies. We use our years of experience with professional dog training and puppy development to best prepare our pups to go out into the world as confident, outgoing companions.

When you decide to get a puppy from Gertie's Goldendoodles, you are getting a puppy raised with thorough preparation and care. We start with full health testing of the Sire and Dam. We continue with early sensory stimulation of the litter, designed to maximize cognitive development, confidence, and body awareness. Puppies eat a premium diet and are introduced to crates and potty training well before they go home. Our temperament testing provides you with a great preview of your puppy's personality, allowing us to match one to your family lifestyle and preferences.

We also provide you with education on preparing for a new puppy in the home, so you are ready when your puppy comes home with you at 8 weeks old, having received all age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings.

When you pick up your puppy, you also receive a puppy consultation and guides to raising your puppy to start your family on the right paw. You also receive discounted rates for any board and train options at Purpose Driven K9 Inc, our professional family dog training business located in Indianapolis, IN.


White Collar Girl 2 week old
Pippa in Grass
Outdoor time for the puppies!
Blue Boy A-Frame