Temperament Testing

What is Temperament Testing / Personality Matching?

We conduct temperament testing based off the APET Puppy Evaluation Test. The test is conducted at 49 days of age, when the puppy is considered neurologically complete without learned habits already present. It is a series of short tests conducted individually on each puppy within a litter. The tests results are then interpreted to give you a strong indication of each puppy's personality tendencies into the future.

Everyone benefits when you get a puppy best matched to your family and lifestyle. Personality traits can't be predicted with 100% accuracy with these tests. Various factors from nutrition and health care to socialization and training can greatly influence your puppy's behaviors as they grow.

What role will your Goldendoodle play in your life?

The purpose of the temperament test is to help select the right puppy for the right home.

We use each puppy's responses to various stimuli to help match the right personality with your family. From these tests, we can determine predispositions towards certain personality traits.

While these tests give a great indication of future behavior and personality, it isn't 100% accurate. Various factors can affect your puppy's personality, including nutrition, socialization, health care, and training.

Active Partner

Intelligent and eager to please, Goldendoodles make great partners for agility and fly ball. The have a natural fondness for water and enjoy swimming and hiking.

They do well in social environments and have a happy nature. With training, they are capable of off leash obedience at distances and around distractions.

Cuddle Companion

Goldendoodles are gentle by nature and desire to please people. They love affection and cuddling.

Most Goldendoodles have a low to non-shedding coat, and are usually tolerable for people with allergies.


Goldendoodles make great playmates for dogs and kids. Their gentle nature makes them more tolerant of children and strangers. They excel in social environments, enjoying attention and activity.

They live to be about 15 years old, and have been reliable family pets for decades!

What topics are covered in a temperament test?

You can see an example of a temperament test in the video below.

Test Topics

There are dozens of test topics. Read the YouTube video description for a breakdown of these topics and what they can mean.

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