About Us

Our Professional Experience gives you Expert Service


Our Mission

Our goal is to promote the positive, healthy qualities of the Goldendoodle breed and temperament while providing the best family pets.

We start with full health testing of the parents. We then use our professional background in puppy development to ensure our puppies receive all aspects of needed upbringing and care.

We match our puppies to their forever homes based upon personality and temperament - not just their looks.

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team who own and operate our own dog training business in central Indiana (Purpose Driven K9). Having trained numerous Goldendoodles, we have grown especially fond of them. We currently own two Goldendoodles of our own.

We want to help provide other families with outstanding representatives of the Goldendoodle breed. With all the research we've done over the years, we're using our experience and knowledge to provide your family with the best the breed has to offer.

At Gertie's Goldendoodles, we want you to be well educated so you feel confident in raising a new puppy, and we strive to provide you with as much information as we can about preparing, caring, raising, and training your puppy now, and into their future!

Meet the Team

When you choose to work with Gertie's Goldendoodles, you're going to get premium knowledge, care, and service from a family that works with dogs for a living.

We are professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience with puppy development, socialization, grooming, health care, obedience training, and more!

Christmas Day


Founder of Gertie's Goldendoodles and Co-owner of Purpose Driven K9 INC

Certified Professional Trainer & Puppy Development Specialist

Margaret's interest in dogs goes well beyond just breeding Goldendoodles. She has competed in USDAA trials with her dogs over the last decade. She takes her dogs camping, swimming, and hiking frequently.

Margaret has trained dogs for over 6 years professionally, and has also helped hundreds of families with raising their puppies into well-rounded adult dogs.

Trimmed Pippa


Gertie's Daughter

We kept Pippa from Gertie's litter born 6/11/17. She was "purple collar girl" in the litter.

Pippa is approximately 22 lbs and absolutely loves to cuddle. She does agility training, loves to swim, and loves to meet new people and dogs.



Gertie's Younger Sister

Ingrid is Gertie's biological sister, only about 2 years younger! She loves to play with her big siblings Gertie and Teddy. She also loves to meet new people!



Puppy Play Specialist

In the many years since Teddy was adopted from a rescue, he has received extensive training from obedience to assistance work with soft mouth retrieval. His calm demeanor personified traits makes him lovable to everyone he meets.



Ingrid's Daughter

Bridget was born 3/8/2020 from Ingrid's latest litter. She was "blue collar girl" in the litter.

Bridget is approximately 20 lbs and loves her dog family. She does agility training, enjoys her time going to work, and loves to run around outside.



Gertie from "Gertie's Goldendoodles"

Gertie is our 3.5 year old F1 Goldendoodle and the future mom to your Goldendoodle puppy!

You can learn more about her on our Meet the Parents page.



Puppy Raising Specialist

Co-owner of Purpose Driven K9

Margaret's husband Tim has spent years helping Margaret raising pups, training dogs, and helping families transform their problematic dogs into faithful companions.

His interests include chess, poker, web design, cooking, and spending free time with his family.

How to Get a Puppy...

Perhaps you're ready to move forward with getting a Goldendoodle puppy. Now what? It takes less than 5 minutes to fill out an application!