Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is a Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle is 50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever, with full blooded parents. They can also be called F1 Goldendoodles and are the first generation crossing the two breeds.

What is a F1B Goldendoodle?

An F1B Goldendoodle is the result of breeding an F1 Goldendoodle and a Poodle. This results in a stronger occurrence of Poodle traits.

How big will my puppy get?

Puppy sizes will vary from litter to litter, depending on the size of the parents. Check our Upcoming or Current Litters for more information.

What Coat Type will my puppy have?

Our puppies will range in coat types from curly to wavy.

What Color coat will my puppy have?

Puppy coat colors are difficult to predict because they may or may not change over time. We expect a variety of color from Red to Apricot and between.

What are the grooming needs for Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles need regular grooming, brushing, and maintenance. It is important to accustom your puppy to a regular grooming routine. Check out local groomers and start taking your puppy to get basic grooming while they are young. Bring reference pictures with you so they know what you want.

Do you have non-shedding puppies?

We currently breed mini and medium F1B Goldendoodles. This generation has the highest degree of non-shedding qualities but there is no guarantee of non-shedding.

Should I get a male or female?

This is personal preference.

Why does it matter where I get my puppy?

We recommend always doing your homework before making a commitment to a puppy no matter where you are looking to get one. At "Gertie's Goldendoodles", we aim to protect the Goldendoodle breed in all aspects including health, temperament, personality, etc. Because of this, we only breed fully health tested parents, clear of the genetic disorders found in Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Goldendoodles.

Can you ship my puppy to me?

We do not ship our puppies via cargo in order to prevent any traumatizing experiences, injury, etc.

What vaccinations do you give?

Puppies will receive age appropriate vaccinations prior to going home, and you will receive paperwork for this. Our purchase agreement requires you to take your puppy to your vet within 72 hours of pick up.

Do you microchip the puppies?

All of our puppies will be microchipped.

Where are you located?

We are located in central Indiana.

Do you spay/neuter your puppies?

We do not spay or neuter our puppies prior to going home, but we do have a spay/neuter contract as part of our purchase policy.

Can we breed our puppy?

For the protection of the breed, we sell our puppies on a strict spay/neuter contract requiring completion by 7 months of age.

Do you have a health warranty?

We have a 2 Year Health Warranty. You can get more information by filling out our puppy application or contacting us via email at .

Can we visit to see the dogs and puppies?

You can come to visit the puppies once they are 50 days old and have completed our Temperament Testing. We post many pictures and videos of the puppies as they are growing up on our Social Media pages.

What supplies do I need for my puppy?

You are going to need a crate, many chew & interactive toys, food/water bowls, leash & collar. We send puppies home with some starter food and a Snuggle Puppy to help with the transition.

Where are your puppies born?

Our Goldendoodle puppies are born and raised in our home in central Indiana.

Will my puppy be house trained?

Puppies will have a separate "bathroom" area as they grow older. While good bathroom habits will be started with your puppy, when they come home at 8 weeks old they will still be too young to be fully house broken. Every family that gets a puppy from us will also receive a detailed guide to successful house training.

Will my puppy be crate trained?

Puppies will not be crate trained when they come home at 8 week old, but they will have had a strong introduction to being in a crate. Every family that gets a puppy from us will also receive a guide on crate training basics.

What do you feed your puppies?

After the puppies start to wean from drinking mom's milk, they will transition to kibble slowly, with supplemental goat's milk during that phase. We currently feed Orijen puppy kibble when the puppies get older.

Have the puppies been socialized?

All of our puppies have received extensive socialization to sounds, objects, people, animals, environments, the outdoors, etc. With years of professional puppy development experience, we make sure to properly expose our puppies to the world in a positive and confidence-building manner while promoting cognitive development.

Socialization doesn't stop when you pick up your puppy! From 8-16 weeks old, you want to make sure to maximize your puppy's positive experiences and interactions with the world. We provide a guide on how to socialize your puppy for every family that gets a puppy from us.

Do you have reviews/references?

We have close relationships with many dog trainers and breeders across the country. Additionally, we own and operate our own professional dog training business, and you can find posts from our previous buyers on our Facebook page:
As a buyer, you'll also be invited to our private Facebook group: Gertie's Goldendoodles All Grown Up - where you can keep in touch with all of the families who have one of our puppies.